Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bringing Peace Into the Room

The world is currently in a fast-paced mode, meaning that every day, scientists and inventors create new and innovative products and ideas aimed at several areas related to health, both in the business industry and in the technology sector. Electronic devices now seem to be better equipped with almost anything and everything under the sun. For example, take white noise machines. These were not even in the public’s vocabulary ten to twenty (20) years ago and yet today, it has already established many uses in different fields of study.

What exactly are white noise machines? These are machines produced by many companies that produce sound waves that can aid in sleep and relaxation while others are for masking distant conversations (important in situations where privacy is of great concern, such as in interrogation rooms, psychiatric consultations, and confidential government matters). Some of these are used for audio purposes, such as those used for testing equipment and sound masking, while other products are devices that aid in sleeping and power-napping.

In the business world, these machines are commonly used in hotel lobbies, restaurants, spas, and other leisure-oriented places wherein customers can become relaxed just by listening to the sounds produced. It can emit soothing music, such as rain drops, blowing wind, ocean waves splashing on the beach, and the like. It is also popular in the medical field, targeting patients who suffer from a condition known as tinnitus. The device works by masking the occurrence of ringing ears – the most complained-about symptom associated with tinnitus. Another use in the medical field is its effectiveness as an alternative insomnia remedy without any side effects (as compared to taking regular medications). Companies such as SleepWell have developed a sound machine that offers a variety of sleep and relaxation sounds for all ages. It is now gaining the interest of families who have babies or toddlers since these devices aid (such as The Sleep Bear™ by Sleep Well) in putting them to sleep. The most popular among these is the Marpac Sleepmate 980A, dubbed the white noise machine that started it all.

With technology continuously advancing, white noise machines have also improved from simple devices in the past into electronically-powered machines today. It works through an enclosed fan and a speed switch that emits air waves through slots on the casing of the machine to produce a programmed sound similar to the ones mentioned above. It also has many benefits, especially since it has been proven to soothe the mind, hence allowing the consumer to have peaceful slumber. Also, it can be brought anywhere and by anyone because it comes in different portable sizes. Several reviews have also stated that it can efficiently block unnecessary noises in various places. In addition, studies have shown that people who use white noise machines are able to concentrate more because it masks surrounding noise. Although some are quite expensive, others cost as little as $30 and it come with useful features like an alarm clock, an FM radio, voice recording, and a music player.